An awful lacrosse player, Commonly used as insult used toward a defense-man by the attack. Invented in Upstate New York, primarily in section 3 (The best section).
Wow, I just scored a between the legs goal on these benders
by RippinG's&SmokinTrees January 30, 2011
Noun: One who bends at the ankles while skating.
Look at that kid I just deked out. He's such a bender!
by Bdizzle007 December 04, 2010
A Idiot or shit that you dislike.
A person who is stupid and annoying = a bender
by Gary Salter November 13, 2009
someone who can't dangle in hockey. Someone who is slow and has no stick skills..
Kevin Bartlett is a bender and so is max belforti. On the other hand brad is a dangler...
by bartles October 15, 2008
A head-banger, rocker or otherwise classic rebel and/or delinquent.

Taken from the character John Bender who was an archtypical example of stereotype from the movie "The Breakfast Club" by John Hughes.
Look at that guy with the Ozzy jacket and the mullet, he's a total bender.
by Conan Galloway October 21, 2007
1. Something that bends something eg pipes
2. A brown-nosing, arse licking, bum boy, cock-loving, up-the-wrong'un, pussy-hating gayboy
1. Bender from 'Futurama'
2. James Pickup
by godli June 06, 2005
a player who blows at hockey and cant skate
luke enderwick is the biggest bender bow high has ever seen
by puke benderdick June 11, 2008

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