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1. The status of being bent for more than a day. Usually results in loss of memory, money, strange tattoos, and other things you'll have a hell of a time explaining.

2. A homosexual male (British slang). Someone who is bent, that is, not straight.

3. The alcoholic, chain-smoking, kleptomaniac robot on Futurama.
1. What? Monday off?! I'll be on a three-day bender.

2. In the '70s, no one knew Elton was a bender.

3. "Bite my shiny metal ass!"
by AJ Barrow June 24, 2005
2409 813
A head-banger, rocker or otherwise classic rebel and/or delinquent.

Taken from the character John Bender who was an archtypical example of stereotype from the movie "The Breakfast Club" by John Hughes.
Look at that guy with the Ozzy jacket and the mullet, he's a total bender.
by Conan Galloway October 21, 2007
6 9
A homosexual male. Literally someone who bends over and takes it in the ass.
If you put a rainbow sticker on your car, people might think you are a bender.
by Osro July 27, 2005
63 66
1. Something that bends something eg pipes
2. A brown-nosing, arse licking, bum boy, cock-loving, up-the-wrong'un, pussy-hating gayboy
1. Bender from 'Futurama'
2. James Pickup
by godli June 06, 2005
3 6
A pussy ass bitch who bends at the ankles and get's rejected by female goalie teammate
Kenny Turnbull #11 Ridgewood, Cole Sodaro #17 Mahwah, Danny Googiliamoo #6 Tenafly, and Kenny Turnbull #11 Ridgewood are all benders
by CuntBucket February 05, 2010
3 7
someone who can't dangle in hockey. Someone who is slow and has no stick skills..
Kevin Bartlett is a bender and so is max belforti. On the other hand brad is a dangler...
by bartles October 15, 2008
2 6
Someone who has a incredibly dusty chin strap (aka, road kill). This absolute joke is known for his knob hawk behaviour, and inability to bury around the net, and their disgusting habit of wheeling saggers.
Hey meggs, o show, check out that bender, i hear his name is Justin Cundari
by Mttgarv October 05, 2010
0 5
a player who blows at hockey and cant skate
luke enderwick is the biggest bender bow high has ever seen
by puke benderdick June 11, 2008
7 12