In basic computer lingo it means identifying/measuring your various computer components power. Graphics cards are a popular example of a piece of hardware often benchmarked. You can enhance you computers score and performance also by overclocking your system. Or getting a friend who's a techie to overclock it for you.
I benchmarked my new ATI Radeon 9800 XT and it's score was awe inspiring. I then realized I'd overclocked it way too high and damaged my new $300 piece of hardware.
by fizzlephox March 19, 2004
Those suspicious white stains that you see on park benches after one of the_real_thraxz's busy nights on the town.
Jim: Good game lads, now let's sit on this bench to have a drink and cool down.
Jake: Eugh, what's that suggestive white fluid on it?
Jack: I think Thraxz's been doin' t'milk rounds for a bit of extra cash.
by A friend March 19, 2004
standard of quality
Supervisor: OK Team, when we manufacture these widgets, we need to have no more than 2% rejected by Quality Control. That's the benchmark. OK?
a mark on a bench. the woods.
I was 'ere. 'ere I was. I was 'ere. 'ere I was.
by smiffy February 18, 2005
Points of reference for a particular task or job. Or indicators of how well someone is doing.

Based on the days when engineers tested equipment for various vehicles on benches, and had marked the bench with reference points to show how well the device performed.
The basic benchmarks here in this job include that you perform at least 90% of the tasks in each working day, and clear at least 50% of anything left from the day before.
by D F STuckey March 23, 2004
Used as a catch-all substitute for a similar and more appropriate word that you can't quite remember, acceptable only because of its obvious incorrectness
"You know guys, I'm glad we bought those brownies. That was really a... benchmark moment"

"becca's yanif score just passed 150... she's passed her final... benchmark"

"no mom, I can't help clean right now. I'm working on a... benchmark"
by B-Rizz January 07, 2008

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