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3 definitions by scanner1

The systematic process of becoming no better than anyone else.
After all the benchmarking we have done, I think we can finally boast that we are an LCD company.
by scanner1 May 11, 2011
An area code in Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Characterized by a population that can not order numbers correctly.

A form of Michigan dyslexia.
Did you hear that guy count to 10, must be a 231.
by scanner1 May 11, 2011
An aggressive action taken by a caddy after working 18 holes with a group of wealthy, rude, crooked businessmen.

Unexpected aggressive action by a golf caddy who is about five degrees off center.
We were playing a round of golf one day and occasionally giving our caddy a hard time. By the 18th hole, I guess he had had all he could take because the caddywampus all with our own clubs
by scanner1 May 11, 2011