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1. To be injured in a single, obviously painful, incident.
2. To have failed to an extreme degree (cf pwned), often used as an exclamation.
Upon seeing a wrestling move go painfully awry
"Oh my God, he totally benchmarked him."

"I asked her out but she just slapped me"
by d_to_the_m_an December 17, 2009
1. A person who is familiar with the advanced, uncommon functions of a system.
2. An underhanded slight, directed at a person with an overly high opinion of their abilities or opinion: derogatory.
1. "He was using all these crazy shortcuts; it was amazing", "Yeah. He's pretty much a power user."
2. "So he turned a simple request into a huge debate over architecture..." "What a power user!"
by d_to_the_m_an November 22, 2010

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