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A) A phone company employee that typically believes in networks based on circuit switching as opposed to packet switching.

B) A derrogatory term that refers to telephone company shills or employees that defend the Bell system or the telephone companies from any and all criticism, regardless of validity and even, in some cases, when those companies do wrong.
Bogey780 is such a bellhead. Whenever it comes down to a discussion regarding telecom issues, it sounds like he's reading a telecom talking points memo.
by Nethead July 21, 2006
A wide, bell-like head of a penis
Bitch sucked on my bell-head 'til I skeeted on her grill
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006
The tip of one's penis.
Someone who acts like a penis.
Dude stop being such a fucking bellhead.

Why don't ya rub ma bellhead, bitch!
by Isgrimnur March 30, 2003
bell-like head of a penis
Man, Danny mohon is a bell head
by The real Nikki July 19, 2009
When the colour of someones hair is the colour of a bellend.
Alex Penrice is a bellhead
by The entire of yateley school February 20, 2004
Any telephone technician working for the local telephone company.
Hey Bell-head, my phone's not working!
by Robert McNulty May 19, 2005
When the colour of someones hair is the colour of a bellend.
Oliver Turnell used to be a bellhead
by anonomous December 08, 2004
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