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The act of using a black marker to draw a japs eye on the top of a bald mans scalp so that from an aerial view the subjects head has the appearance of a massive bellend.

This is put to best use when the baldy in question has suffered sun burn or has high blood pressure. This gives the act of bellheading a far greater authenticity as the added pink colour further resembles a big shiny bellend.

It is best to bellhead somebody when they are asleep or highly drunk as this can, in some circumstances, provoke aggression as few people like to think that their head resembles a massive shiny bellend.
Fancy going bellheading today Brad?

I know the perfect individual for a good bellheading.

I just bellheaded that drunk chody little dwarf.

I woke up to discover I'd been bellheaded in the night.
by matwalkenstein July 15, 2011
A male who is wider than he is tall. Taken from the word 'chode' meaning a penis of the same description.

Chodys are rare outside of Wales however there have been many sightings of a mystical chody residing in the Bay Of Plenty region of New Zealand's north island and countless sightings reported in the United States.

A chody is generally a repulsive figure to females and open to ridicule from fellow males.

A chody is often a lonely individual.
Check out that chody walking down the street. If you drew a japs eye on top of his bald head he'd look like an actual chode!
by matwalkenstein July 15, 2011

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