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Short for Blood Elf, one of 2 new races in the World of Warcraft expansion, "The Burning Crusade"
Belf Paladins?!?! Fuck that!
by Scooty July 29, 2006
A combination of the words belly and shelf. The "shelf" that is made by a person with belly or a pregnant woman when they sit down. The top of their belly can hold a cup in leiu of using the coffee table.
I can put this cup on my belf while I text since there is not a table.
by PinkPirana July 17, 2013
Babe Everybody Likes to Fuck
bro your ex is such a BELF
by belfwisdom10 May 16, 2011
A horde elf class called Blood Elves. Coming soon to a expansion near you.
Who needs Night Elves when we have Blood Elves (belf)
by Bisquick August 11, 2006
When you throw up in your mouth and swallow it.
The other day I belfed. I totally threw up but I was in line at the grocery store and just couldn't let it all come flying out onto the floor, so I swallowed it.
by bavarde September 06, 2007
A noob player playing as these in WoW, because Horde has no other good looking female characters.
Will dance for free at the Xroads for money (this is a Belf)
by Bquick July 30, 2006
Belf: to bite your tongue, or to eat nasty food
Hey dan, get me a new plate of food, i just bit belf.
by micheal Rj February 02, 2006

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