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When a person wants to say something that may be offensive or hurtful to someone, so instead says nothing.

Opposite of speaking your mind.
She asked me if I liked her play. I just bit my tongue and nodded.

If somebody asks if you think there is something wrong with them, it is best to bite your tongue and say nothing.
#bite my tongue #silence #stoicism #passive #aggressive
by liquidtenmillion November 26, 2006
what you say to someone who says something that you disapprove of
Sammy: "say Sally, isn't your 40th birthday just around the corner?"

Sally: (with icy look in her eyes) ".....bite your tongue old man!"
#shut up #stfu #dis #wtf #hell no
by polo January 25, 2006
A response to something you don't want to hear.
Andy: But you hate me. :
Cait: Bite your tongue! I do not.
#bite #tongue #bite your tongue! #bite me #bite it #your mom.
by J <3 April 19, 2006
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