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A cross between "bedazzling" and "jizzing". To be adorned with jizz that makes jewelry-like patterns.
Sydney: "Gosh! I don't have ANY jewelry to wear to the party tonight!" : (
Ryan: "Oh, let me help you with that." 8=>~~
Sydney: "Wtf?! You bejizzled all over my neck!" Dx
Ryan: "Hey! I gave you a pearl necklace." ;)
by The Bejizzlers May 19, 2010
something Chris Kee said
He just IM'd me and said "bejizzled"...I dunno
by Rawb Nasty July 13, 2012
Getting a awesome Blowjob while playing a really good song in guitar Hero.
Devan - I was playing Guitar Hero when Alissa decided to give me a blowjob.

Richie - You totally got Bejizzled! =D
by Richie & Devan January 15, 2009