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To engage in sexual activity with someone- usually implies jizzing on/in them. Only men can perform bejizzlement
I bejizzled your mom.
by marcy, son, whut December 12, 2005
Cumming and then throwing glitter on it.
DAMNIT! I can't get this bejizzle out my hair or sheets!
by Kapt'n and Kitty June 03, 2014
1. The pleasureful reaction a gay man gets from seeing large amounts of rhinestones.

2. A passionate side-effect of seing over-the-top, sparkly, or high fashion clothing worn right and looking fierce.

3. The jizzing of rhinestones.
Ex. As he held up the tie he adorned in rhinestones spelling out 'Judas' for the upcoming Lady GaGa show, he exclaimed, "OMFG! It looks so good! I am about to bejizzle. Now I want to put studs on everything."

Ex. Holy shit! Did you see how amazing her shoulder pads were? They were so sparkly, I almost bejizzled.

Ex. Seeing the dance that goes along with the new record is going to make me bejizzle all over the place.
by SparklySammyGaGa April 13, 2011
adv. - The act of firing one's love juice in the form of a snowflake. Usually seen in patterns resembling middle- eastern calligraphy.
1. Dude, I just bejizzled the shit out that bitch!

2. The castle was adorned with bejizzems dating back to the Ping Dynasty.

3. That nigga tried to bejizzle me when we was cellmates.
by Whores of da Beershit Ministry August 11, 2009
Contamporary urban version of the irish expletive bejesus
Bejizzle I need a pizzle ma nizzle!

Meaning o my, goodness gracious etc.
by Joe Wharton November 10, 2007

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