Shortened form of "business peeps." Used to refer to business partners or 'partners in crime.'
Me and my beeps really get along in our business.
by suchacyn January 11, 2010
Top Definition
A word used in place of a swear word. Often used when you don't know one.
You beepin' beep!
by Zach G. November 08, 2003
Sound that the infamous roadrunner makes as he fouls up the crazy plans of Wile E. Cyote.
Beep Beep!
by Jimothy March 27, 2004
a cute replacement of the word "fuck".
BEEP is a high-pitched note that's used on TV and such to censor offensive languages.
"beep you!" > fuck you
"oh, i forgot my bag. beep it!" > fuck it
"it's friday and we've got H/W? beep that!" > fuck that
"oh that beeping bitch!" > fucking bitch
"it's all beeped up!" > fucked up
"what the beep?" > what the fuck
by So Me March 01, 2008
A super-sweet citrus beverage that was sold in Saskatchewan until sometime in the 1980s. It tasted similar to orange tang, but was sold in a milk-like carton. It was much beloved by Saskatchewan kids for a few generations.
My mom told me that I could have a drink of vico or beep.
by KarlaHard October 28, 2007
A extreamly fat women. One that packs their fat into cars when they enter them. We are talking mamoth. Derived from the phrase "that chick beeps when she backs up."
Oh my god!!! We've got a beeper here!
by yourmom April 13, 2004
The three hottest chicks at MZCS.. Amy, Sarah, and Rachael.

Derived from the word 'beep', used to describe a woman who is so fat that she resembles a bus, and when she backs up, it is possible to honk and horn and people will think it's a legit bus backing up. The term was found online one late night in Amy's kitchen, after learning the soulja boy dance. Contrary to the definition, none of the three girls are extremely large and/or resemble large methods of transportation. In fact, they're pretty damn hot.
"Oh my god, look at those girls. I hear they call themselves the BEEPS! and I am so jealous of their good looks and charm. I wish I was them, or at the very least, friends with them."
by weretoogoodforyou June 17, 2008
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