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6 definitions by KarlaHard

Slang term for Saskatchewan.
I'm gonna giver home to Saskabush from Fort Mac this weekend to hit on a little tighty at a pit party.
by KarlaHard October 28, 2007
A girly drink consisting of vodka, bar lime, and sprite.

Known only to Saskatchewanians. Albertans call this drink a Vodka Slime.
The chauch offered to buy a girl at the bar a vodka special.
by KarlaHard October 28, 2007
A super-sweet citrus beverage that was sold in Saskatchewan until sometime in the 1980s. It tasted similar to orange tang, but was sold in a milk-like carton. It was much beloved by Saskatchewan kids for a few generations.
My mom told me that I could have a drink of vico or beep.
by KarlaHard October 28, 2007
3-hole-punched lined paper that is not held together in a pad, i.e. each page is loose.

Known to Saskatchewanians.
The teacher handed out loose leaf to the students so that they could take notes.

I keep my loose leaf in a binder.
by KarlaHard October 28, 2007
A collection of small dessert items arranged on a plate, including various squares, puffed wheat cake, macaroons, etc.

Known to Saskatchewanians.
Grandma promised that she would bring a tray of dainties to the wedding for the midnight lunch.
by KarlaHard October 28, 2007
A back-country unpaved road. They are found in various states of repair; the good ones are graded and covered in gravel. They are referred to as such because they most often run North-South and East-West as if on a grid.

Known to Saskatchewanians.
The boys got in the truck and went for a booze cruise on the grid roads outside of town.

The farmer took the grid road to get from her home quarter to town.
by KarlaHard October 28, 2007