Also used to beep out words that you may feel uncomfortable saying infront of others, or certain others.
i.e. Vibrator :Beeperbator
"I got you a new beeperbator for Xmas"
Masturbate: Beeperbate
"i'm gonna go home and beeperbate"
Sex: "I had beep with him" or "Did you have beep with that guy?"
Or, when speaking repsectfully to parents or other elders: "Yeah Mom, that lady was a real beep. Beep that beep"
by Emine March 09, 2004
a girls breasts
don't touch my beeps
by finestgurleva12 January 06, 2009
a word fobs use instead of cussing
"oh beep i think i spilled"
by l0V3D March 04, 2006
High pitched and highly irritating sound found on most electronic devices, phones, trucks reversing etc. Usually consists of a sine wave or triangular wave, clipped to make a short *beep*. Often used as a warning sound.
*beep beep beep beep beep*
"Huh what's that beepinaaaarrrrggghhh"
If your friggin mobile beeps once more mate then I am going to shove it into your *insert name for orifice*
by L-S-D September 07, 2005
A vagina.
That fucker walked into me and accidently touched my beep. What a loser.
by BadaBingMan August 29, 2009
To use Nextel's Direct Connect/Walkie Talkie feature. No longer a term associated with pagers. Pagers are hella lame.
Beep me on the Nextel when you get there.
by iden_elite October 22, 2003
To check, peep, examine
Yo, yo denzel, beep that fine ass over there
by Anonymous March 05, 2003

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