1. A humorous term for saying Blowjob.

2. You can alos use it as an I.O.U

3. Can be in the form of sloppy or dry
1. Hey babe, wanna give me a beej?

2. "Thanks for helping me complete my assignment man, I'll give you beej".

3. James: "Why don't you give me a sloppy beej?"

Marcus: "Nah! I'll make it dry, cause your a fag!"
by StiffPOO October 29, 2009
When a girl with a mouthful of bees gives you a BJ
Scottie received a Bee J from his lady friend, and now his penis is inflamed.
by Jumbrone October 18, 2009
a person; usually a male who is strikingly handsome with a beard and otten slightly balding. most "beej's" are quite athletic, artistic, funny, and sometimes promiscuous. they may be found in all parts of the world but have been known to originate from california, USA.
"peace to beej and dem" - J-Dilla

"everywhere around the world, if you have a beard, you're a beej-man." - Big Chuck.
by the original beejman August 10, 2009
The event of playing basketball by yourself at ghetto court because everyone realizes how much it would suck if they went to play. Dont try it at home. it sucks.
Alfonsus was tired of playing xbox and publishing definitions so he moseyed up to the basketball court to pull a beej.
by pseudonymister flex August 30, 2009
Tyler's Dad offered him a beej and he said OKAY!
by AidanGza March 08, 2009
1) Another word for bitch
2) Jammy Bastard
3) Some Next man
1) That Beej came up to me and i was like what!?
2) OH my god u little BéEJeátóR
3) Wasup béejes?
by PBORO CRU January 24, 2004
nickname of the god of teen angst: Banjodark
"hey beej what's up"
by :whoa: March 16, 2003
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