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A cross between "annunciate" and "pronounce" - to speak clearly and correctly so understandable to others (mainly humans).
Dear God Tom - you're mumbling too much - I can't hear you - pronounciate boy, PRONOUNCIATE!
by ERTB December 15, 2007
This word does not exist. It is simply a concatenation of letters, much like 'asdkljrtmn' is.

If you are interested in the proper spelling of the word that these grouped letters resemble however, please see 'Pronunciate'
Using a related form of 'pronounciate':

A: His pronounciation is shocking!
B: ... Whose pronunciation, sorry?
by nickName00800 March 26, 2010
Verb form of pronounce. See enuniciate.
Can you please pronounciate properly?
by Yuriko April 19, 2006
Saying each syllable clearly without guttural slurs
"What did he say ?"
"No idea, he doesn't pronounciate well"
by Gillan August 14, 2014

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