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Slang for...

-Beef, as in hunk, hulk, or incredible hulk.
-A stellar beach.
-A surf board.
"Elvis sure was a huck-a-Beej o' burnin' love." (girls scream and faint)

"Clark sat on top of a sand dune at a beej in Monterey and watched the sunset."

"Bill wiped out while attempting to ride his beej on a gnarlatious 100ft wave; he ended up with a sand facial."
by karl jr. April 04, 2013
Short-form pronounciation of blowjob, for those people who are too lazy to pronounce it's abbreviated form "BJ".
Monica gave Bill a beej in the White House.
by doodievomit December 11, 2002
Another word for blowjob
Ayo girl, lemme get a beej.
by chris smack June 03, 2007
Used mostly by Native Americans in reserves to call somebody a dick.
Mom: Fucking beej
Kid: K
by Christopher Wallace A.K.A Pog January 12, 2014
When a girl/gay male coats a male's penis in honey and proceeds to suck and lick it all off.
Sarah: What did you do last night?
Sidney: I gave Andrew a Bee-J but honey got all over his bed so there was a lot of clean up.

Sarah: ELL OH ELL!
by Sidrew July 22, 2011
1. A humorous term for saying Blowjob.

2. You can alos use it as an I.O.U

3. Can be in the form of sloppy or dry
1. Hey babe, wanna give me a beej?

2. "Thanks for helping me complete my assignment man, I'll give you beej".

3. James: "Why don't you give me a sloppy beej?"

Marcus: "Nah! I'll make it dry, cause your a fag!"
by StiffPOO October 29, 2009
When a girl with a mouthful of bees gives you a BJ
Scottie received a Bee J from his lady friend, and now his penis is inflamed.
by Jumbrone October 18, 2009