Slang for...

-Beef, as in hunk, hulk, or incredible hulk.
-A stellar beach.
-A surf board.
"Elvis sure was a huck-a-Beej o' burnin' love." (girls scream and faint)

"Clark sat on top of a sand dune at a beej in Monterey and watched the sunset."

"Bill wiped out while attempting to ride his beej on a gnarlatious 100ft wave; he ended up with a sand facial."
#beejmaster #beejcake #surf #turf #avalanche #hang ten #quasimoto #sand facial
by karl jr. April 04, 2013
Top Definition
Short-form pronounciation of blowjob, for those people who are too lazy to pronounce it's abbreviated form "BJ".
Monica gave Bill a beej in the White House.
by doodievomit December 11, 2002
Another word for blowjob
Ayo girl, lemme get a beej.
#beej #bj #blowjob #fellacio #sex
by chris smack June 03, 2007
Used mostly by Native Americans in reserves to call somebody a dick.
Mom: Fucking beej
Kid: K
#dick #penis #dong #longthing #johnson
by Christopher Wallace A.K.A Pog January 12, 2014
The preferred nomenclature for a blowjob. Consists of constant milking and gentle fondling of the "petershaft" itself, usually ending in ejaculation, the beej is synonymous with kryptonite in terms of superman's weakness.... but is effective for all males. (Except queers.. I’d rather not have their input on the pleasures of a beej)
"that dump gave me a nasty beej yesterday"

"i love getting road beej'd"

"give me a beej"
#bj #blow-j #head #bobber #blowski #gummer #dome #suck my dick or cock #horny
by slawberg June 03, 2009
Bee`ge. To perform oral sex for man. Also referred to as a Blow-Job. Slang term for Blow-Job. Using the letter "B" and then promptly followed by the letter "J" to pronounciate.

It is considered wise, (when on a date with a female), to command the woman to either "Beej or Beej gone!"
"Yo, Biddie.. just beej or beej gone!"
#blow-job #fellatio #oral sex #dong-sucking #pole-smoking
by Blouhat February 01, 2010
When a girl/gay male coats a male's penis in honey and proceeds to suck and lick it all off.
Sarah: What did you do last night?
Sidney: I gave Andrew a Bee-J but honey got all over his bed so there was a lot of clean up.

Sarah: ELL OH ELL!
#honey #sex #blowing #hot #penis #sucking
by Sidrew July 22, 2011
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