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Short-form pronounciation of blowjob, for those people who are too lazy to pronounce it's abbreviated form "BJ".
Monica gave Bill a beej in the White House.
by doodievomit December 11, 2002
A surly teenager who spends all of his or her time at the mall with friends. Typically seen standing around glaring at customers -- sometimes these fascinating creatures will pick fights with mall security and call them "fascists" for enforcing the mall's loitering bylaws. Also often seen intimidating the elderly people in the clothing stores, they flock back to the "baggy pants with mile-long wallet-chain" section of the clothing store when an employee threatens to call the police.
Those mall rats look like a bunch of hosers, I wish they'd get lives and a job.
by doodievomit December 11, 2002
An indirect or subtle -- in the case of urban slang, not often subtle as so -- usually derogatory implication in expression; an insinuation.
The foundation of urban slang rests on the pillars of innuendo-laced phrases most of which were invented by the lower class of society.
by doodievomit May 24, 2003
Common synonym for the drug otherwise known as PCP, often a phrase used by dealers and their buyers during a transaction for legal reasons.
Yo man, hey yo. Got any of dat angel dust on yo, bro? Yea yea cool man, I got tha money, I got tha money.
by doodievomit December 11, 2002
1. The scrotum.
2. Common misspelling of NASDAQ.
I'll kick you so hard in the nadsaq that you'll spit testicles!

I would like to buy some stock through the NADSAQ stock exchange please.
by doodievomit December 09, 2002
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