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To flatulate, usually a thunderous, solid, thick and juicy rip.
What a great word, "beefed". Uncle Jimmy was beefin' it up at the club last night and everyone was waling away from him.
by beefy April 17, 2003
A loud flatulent or hard gas.
1.Dude, I just beefed in my pants again.

2.Have you ever seen The Pelican Brief?

You mean, 'The Pelican beefed! hahahah
by NYkid420 February 26, 2010
a very old word used in that stoopit show "Rocket Power"
which means you hurt yourself badly.
Dude! You totally just beefed!!!!
by imnotgayimnotgay January 18, 2008
(a) For something to be bad or disappointing.

(b) When a joint or blunt has reached the roach or has been smoked to the base.
(a) I watched that new movie today, it was pretty beefed.

(b) That joint is beefed.
by Pitt Campbell September 08, 2011
1. reffering to a body part that is totally messed up and looks as if someone took a meat tenderizer to it
2. super built, having lots of muscles
1. Dude, Tristan got in a fight last night! His hand is so beefed!
2. Dude, Tristan's muscles are fucking boss. He's really beefed.
by Heather The Great April 01, 2005
When your hood is turned inside out on your coat/jacket/hoodie
Someone runs up behind you and turns your hood inside out "Dude! You just got beefed!"
by MarmaladeMad February 22, 2014
similar to porked, the act of rough intercourse, but kosher.
Did you end up beefing that chick you picked up in shul? Yep, we beefed like rabbits.
by Billy Bob Jimmy Johnson May 10, 2008

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