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a delicious treat made by chef boyardee
I was hungry so I ate a bowl of Beefaroni for lunch
by Youre hardcore January 18, 2007
13 3
Chef Boyardee food, consisting of macaroni and ground hamburger.
Beefaroni is totally tasty
by Nightmare September 04, 2003
29 7
The explosion through the rectum of a mixture of gases
Courtney, did you just beefaroni in my car?
by sarro88 January 19, 2012
2 1
a skinny frail old white man, sandwiched between two obese hairy black men, both over 60
dude, i walked in on my grandpa in the middle of a beefaroni.... some things cannot be unseen
by banana hammock69 May 07, 2011
3 3
dawg food for people
what you eating that beefaroni for?
by da doodle October 25, 2007
9 9