a delicious treat made by chef boyardee
I was hungry so I ate a bowl of Beefaroni for lunch
by Youre hardcore January 18, 2007
Top Definition
Chef Boyardee food, consisting of macaroni and ground hamburger.
Beefaroni is totally tasty
by Nightmare September 04, 2003
The explosion through the rectum of a mixture of gases
Courtney, did you just beefaroni in my car?
by sarro88 January 19, 2012
a skinny frail old white man, sandwiched between two obese hairy black men, both over 60
dude, i walked in on my grandpa in the middle of a beefaroni.... some things cannot be unseen
by banana hammock69 May 07, 2011
dawg food for people
what you eating that beefaroni for?
by da doodle October 25, 2007
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