A large, ugly, or otherwise overweight human female. The beefalo can range in size from slightly obese, to a monster 1000+ pounder. Beefalo generally flock together forming a "herd", and prefer to "graze" nearest their favorite territories. (a mall where they can look for mates,or a fast food restaraunt, where food is bountiful, for example)
Rosie Odonnell is a Beefalo.
by sf49erfan55 February 16, 2006
Top Definition
a morbidly obese or grotesque female resembling a cow usually traveling in troops and grazing
beefalo is rosie o'donnell
star jones
by nyisles87 January 05, 2006
A thick male rocking a great blend of muscle and fat; similar in physique to the bulking stage of bodybuilders. These guys look like they can do some serious damage in the gym AND the kitchen.
Jayme: Whoa! Check out that guy! Jacked arms, thick neck and chest, trunk legs...

Alex: ... and a gut!

Jayme: Eh, he's still one fine specimen of man! Not quite a beefcake, but not a roid gut either...
Alex: He's a beefalo!
by Della Catessen June 26, 2011
1. A fertile hybrid offspring of domestic cattle, Bos taurus, and the American Bison(a buffalo)
2. A piece of music that satisfying like beef(or rock) but low in fat like buffalo(or Devo)
1. "Dude, did you try that awesome beefalo burger? It fills you up but doesn't make you fat."
2. "That song Coming Up by Paul McCartney is so beefalo. I feel better for listening to it, not weighed down or empty."
by Michaela Margaret March 23, 2008
The coolest animal around. Better then a cow or any other animal. The best thing to happen to this world since sliced bread.
Some guy: The Beefalo are our friends. ME: THEY ARE MORE THEN THAT!!!!!!!!
by O Beefalo One April 04, 2005
Beefalo is the greater presence. Its cooler then "Musicman2508" down there... who knows him anyway? He sounds like a TOTAL loser... but anyway...

Beefalo > You
Beefalos >>> You

They are, trust me. Believe me, for I am O Beefalo One.
by O Beefalo One April 06, 2005
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