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A thick neck is a person who has a huge freaking neck and is a bastard child who in the hall ways pushs u into a locker cause he is a motherless bastard child.
That jock is a thick neck and he pushs me into lockers i am not sure what his name is cause he is mister sarcastic bastard.
by devin September 08, 2004
a overly muscular male, usually possessing a thick neck. The neck and muscle development may have occured in confinement. However, confinement or incarceration is not a necessary requirement to become a thickneck.
The Terminator, Stephen Segal, The Rock. All three of these men are thicknecks.
by Trogdor September 01, 2004
someone who has an apparently thick muscular neck from excessive head banging partial to mosh pits and jagermiester
those thick necks just bought 1k of jager!!
by scrustle July 10, 2008
a black man who has a strong jaw, Wide masculine forehead, rough but well kept hands, and well-defined body.
He's WHITE...he ain't no thick neck. I'm not interested.
see also: Morris Chestnut, Common, Jaheim.
by dawn frost November 23, 2005
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