Beefalo is the greater presence. Its cooler then "Musicman2508" down there... who knows him anyway? He sounds like a TOTAL loser... but anyway...

Beefalo > You
Beefalos >>> You

They are, trust me. Believe me, for I am O Beefalo One.
by O Beefalo One April 06, 2005
An animal that is cooler than you, your dad, your mom, a firefighter, and me! (well maybe not me)
The beefalo fell over.
by Musicman2508 April 05, 2005
What you get when you breed a human with a chair
Chris and the chair named Linda Made a Beefalo.
by OrangeScott April 04, 2005
An cow that is 3/8 to 3/32 buffalo.
Your mom looks like a beefalo.
by OrangeSteve March 17, 2003
the beefalo......posibly the best animal to walk this earth.

Natural habitat-kentucky.
The beefalo live in kentucky.
by Sw0osh19 May 12, 2005
An animal that could beat that O Beefalo 0nes butt any day any time!
HEY O BEEFALO 0ne, Me AND this Beefalo could kick your butt!
by Musicman2508 April 08, 2005
a creature tht is a mix of cow and buffalo also a cult in which tony and scott are associated..=
Tony and scott were swallowed by beefalo
by Madde April 12, 2005

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