A distant cousin to the "beef blinds"
-My beef blinds are very sweaty and stinky today!

-Her beef blinds were hanging loosely, flapping in the wind.

-Play with my beef blinds.
by YouthTronix March 07, 2004
My girlfriends vagina... :(
Please dont remind me of my girlfriends nasty ass beef curtains...
by TheManTheyCall October 08, 2009
see the definition of piss flaps
That chicks beef curtains are all streched and shit
by angelus_maximus February 15, 2004
Jessica's enormous Labia
Foliot just paid for my abortion because I hit Jessica's beef curtains.
by shinebox March 14, 2003
a vagina that looks like a fresh, fleshy open wound. Can sometimes resemble a dogs gums.
that girl got slammed so many times, she has beef curtain.
by Corey-O February 02, 2007
A girl whos vagina is similar to roast beef
Ashley Casiano is such a beef curtain
by SHMIZZA November 29, 2005
A Pussy Lip.
"Dude! Last night I devoured my girlfriend's beefcurtains!"
by Zach January 29, 2003

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