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Gaelic: (name meaning) Warrior who hides in the shadows.
Guy 1: I totally just saw a ninja!

Guy 2: What, you mean Donavan?

Guy 1: No, it was a ninja!

Guy 2: Well, Donavan is from Ireland....I suppose it is possible to have an Irish ninja....
by \MusicXReligion/ November 16, 2009
A dangerously attractive man. Someone you could only dream of being around. If one should find themselves worthy of his attention, consider it an honor. Donavan has a mind like no other. He can be best described as a mad genius, and sexual dynamo. He can also be considered analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, and precise. However, once Donavan finds you useless, consider yourself dead to him. He has little patience for absentminded, foolish people. Donavan is intellectually stimulating and wildly seductive. Good luck even getting close enough to know him.
Donavan is way too hot!
Donavan is the brains of this operation.
I'm so in love with Donavan.
I hope Donavan marries me someday.
by Nonnyabiz October 10, 2013
name meaning: A fat sack of shit. who is a compulsive drinker and liar. he often plays video games in his room because he has no life. he is also known as the 40 year old virgin.

can alos mean a floppy vagina.
Guy #1: dude who was that asshole and why did he say he just fucked candice bailey?

Guy #2: relax it's just donavan. He does shit like that alot when he's not eating or play video games.

Guy #1: wow I really wouldn't want to be that guy.

Guy #2: yeah he has absolutely no life.
by ballermotherfucker February 14, 2013
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