A snowboarding grab in which the rider grabs heel edge with both hands in between the bindings while in the air. Same as two roast beefs.
Dude that Beef Curtain was so tight!
by madhatter951 March 28, 2012
A womans Genital region..
a vagina
"Eww i can totally see your beefcurtain when you wear that skirt"
"Your Beefcurtain looks a bit moist today!"
by Jiovani August 21, 2006
1)Pussy lips

See Also : Dick Huggers, Meat Curtains, Dick Blockers
"Ima kick you in the beef curtains"
she said,"Your dick tore my beef curtains"
yet another synonym for the female genetalia, specifically the inner labia. Sometimes used in conjuction with "rainbow tint"--referring to the color gradation at the ends of sliced roast beef.(Abbreviation: curtain)(See baloney flap)
Seriously, she had a full-on beef curtain...with rainbow tint!

Ain't nothin' wrong with a little "curtain" every now and then.
by skittlesyum July 25, 2003
Also Known as pussy lips.
I chewed her Beef Curtains.
by Sierra & Ashley March 25, 2007
The moist flaps hanging from the undercarriage of a woman's gusset
Cass got me so wet I had to put my beef curtains out to dry they were dripping so much
by muffmeister April 16, 2015
Noun: (Slang/offensive)

A vagina.
1- "I had dinner with sally last night!"

2- "What did you have?"

1- "I ate her Beef Curtains!"
by alf182 December 23, 2008

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