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a term used for the black race with larger, more rounded hair
a member of the Afro American race
by Roo#1 January 18, 2009
a Baldie John, is a middle aged man, who still thinks he is in his early 20's.Likes to party and drink excessively and endulge in copius amounts of drugs. However, he has a sexual attraction to 18-25 year old young men. He will offer drink and drugs all night, and pretend to be friends with a certain male individual all night, and then once he sees his chance, will abuse them in the most uncomfortable of body orephaces.
Matt woke up in someone's bed, with a load a gipe running down his leg and a sore ass.

Matt was a Baldie John victim
by Roo#1 December 30, 2008
a term for a woman with a horribly morose smelling minge used in Northern Ireland
Did you go at Diane's gee last night?

Nah mate her beef curtains where crusty and smelly
by Roo#1 January 18, 2009

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