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the prominent lips or labia minora of a woman's vulva especially the kind which protrude beyond the outer lips such as to form a set of fleshy window curtains around her vagina. Also called batwings after the style of old fashioned Western Saloon doors seen in cowboy movies.
The porn starlet spread her beefcurtains to take on the well-hung stud.
by ansoanon July 23, 2005
115 37
The excess skin of the female genetalia (labia) which serve no purpose other than tying in knots or posing in the "butterfly" position.
The new issue of Hustler had a bitch with 3 inch beef curtains. I love them.
by Eric Overstreet October 11, 2003
487 422
Excess meat surrounding the external portion of the vagina. Oh fuck it, theyre just meat flaps.
See also: Meat fly catchers, strip steak butterflies, ham and cheese, meat on the taco, kermit the frog, gumby and occasionally used to sweep the floors by geraitrics with 2 inch beef clams. 2 inches from the ground.
by Leo. October 20, 2003
536 492
A slang name for a ladies flangita lips.
My girlfriends just washed her beef curtains, they have come out lovely and fresh
by Mike August 05, 2003
289 246
Large, flappy labia.
"Dude, look at those hangers! She's sporting a real beef curtain."
by G-Dawg May 27, 2003
57 18
The lips of a female's vagina.
After I got that chick drunk, I took her to my house and spread her beef curtains.
by Oliver Clozeoff June 02, 2007
119 89
a womans pussy lips the ones that hang out not tucked in.
Mona's beef curtains were dripping wet in anticpation of sex.
by roast beef lover February 25, 2009
130 102