A womans Genital region..
a vagina
"Eww i can totally see your beefcurtain when you wear that skirt"
"Your Beefcurtain looks a bit moist today!"
by Jiovani August 21, 2006
1)Pussy lips

See Also : Dick Huggers, Meat Curtains, Dick Blockers
"Ima kick you in the beef curtains"
she said,"Your dick tore my beef curtains"
A beautiful set of pussy lips that can be sucked, nibbled and licked during sexual relations. These big pussy lips hug the penis, gripping it, therefor enhancing sexual pleasure.
"That chick had the sexiest beef curtains, best sex I've ever had"
by Leslie 23456 February 02, 2013
Also Known as pussy lips.
I chewed her Beef Curtains.
by Sierra & Ashley March 25, 2007
yet another synonym for the female genetalia, specifically the inner labia. Sometimes used in conjuction with "rainbow tint"--referring to the color gradation at the ends of sliced roast beef.(Abbreviation: curtain)(See baloney flap)
Seriously, she had a full-on beef curtain...with rainbow tint!

Ain't nothin' wrong with a little "curtain" every now and then.
by skittlesyum July 25, 2003
Noun: (Slang/offensive)

A vagina.
1- "I had dinner with sally last night!"

2- "What did you have?"

1- "I ate her Beef Curtains!"
by alf182 December 23, 2008

The unsightly view of a woman's rung out, stretched out, flappy, vagina lips. The name was chosen because it resembles what a curtain of beef would look like.
Ex. "Omg, Did you see the beef curtains in between that girl's leg?"
by Klw19 May 31, 2014

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