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Wonderful Welsh word meaning 'shame' or 'pity' — used (more's the pity) only in Welsh English as a way of expressing moderate poignancy, compassion, or empathy for an ironic or pathos-laden situation. Or even just as an indicator of cuteness.
"Bechod on him: he bought her a very expensive ring and a day later she left with his best friend."

"What a lovely kitten! Bechod!"

A better example of the sheer potency of the word might be:

"Bechod! Our one-legged, 102-year-old neighbour mowed our lawn whilst we were away on holiday in the Bahamas!"
by Zoboomafoobar February 05, 2008
A welsh word that is used out of sympathy when someone tells you something bad. A kind of welsh version of 'bless'

Pronounced 'Be' (like bet without the 't'), 'ch' (like in the word loch) 'odd'
person 1: "My belly hurts."

person 2: "Aww bechod!"
by EmBOChops November 07, 2007
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