The act of driving a curiously small, eco-friendly compact car, such as for commuting or for short trips.
Daniel likes to bebop around town in his micro-compact.
by Shih Tzu Kung Fu May 01, 2008
Top Definition
1. An early form of modern jazz.
2. The name of Spike and crew's spaceship in Cowboy Bebop (an anime).
3. The name of one of Shredder's henchmen (the mutant boar) in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon (1980s) and anime (1996).
Bop and bebop are the same kind of music.

Bebop: I'm glad they didn't use that brain switcher thing on Rocksteady and me.
Shredder: Don't worry, you can't switch something that isn't there.
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
To walk with a bouncing step, almost a skip. To walk with sheer dork happiness. Walking with obvious Nerdy ignorance.
Look at that big girl be-boppin in here. She looks like she rides the short bus. Could her smile be any bigger.
by thebigdoodoo December 09, 2009
1. To hit or beat up.
2. An old word that means song usally said in the 60's.
3. The name of Spike and Crew's spaceship.
4. Its a fun word to say out loud or to your self.
1. Step off or I'll Bebop your ass.
by BEBOP314 August 06, 2010
The best urban clothing store in Athens Greece
Let's bop to be bop and get some new tees.
by gachi May 15, 2007
hanging out with peeps at work, sitting around in cublices drinking coffee and talking about nothing in particular. This is usually done when one is trying to prevent falling asleep at their desk, or when the boss is gone and they have the freedom to talk.

Coworker to a group: "What are you guys doing?"
Group: "We're bebopping for the rest of the day since the boss went home early."
by abc123xyz99 May 16, 2008
A noun, used to call someone (Hey BEBOP!) also could mean dude or dudet. Most comely used to go "BEBOPING" which is when you drive around yelling hey BEBOP to random people. BEBOP is the highest form of friend ship! beats BFF!

"Hey, BEBOP!" "Yo BEBOP want to go chill?"
by Nate256 March 31, 2008
a word my dad says when he belches
bebop! ohh... vomit
haha random belching
by ylime94 February 10, 2008
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