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A person who essentially "switches" from friend to friend, party to party, trying to attain the most networking contacts and befriend the most people. A fairly shallow individual, this person seeks out other like individuals to extend their network further and further, leeching off of the individuals with healthy relationships.
Damnit, she fucking bailed on me again. I hate switchers.
by Clarissa June 17, 2003
A male whom when using a public restroom switches from the urinal to toilet midstream. Said person may still be considered a switcher if he switches during one go. They're commonly found in bars where you will usually find a urinal and toilet within close proximity. Alcohol is almost always involved and fuels a switchers switching.

There have been a few reported cases of female switchers, but at this time they're considered a fables.
You walk into a bar's restroom to go to the bathroom. A male is standing at the urinal. You look away and when you look back they're on a toilet. This is a switcher.
by Moonbloodsflow October 10, 2010
A computer user who switches from Microsoft PC to Apple's Mac.
OS X For Switchers
Apple's iPod brought a lot switchers to the Apple community.
by Bakari January 01, 2006
A girl who has a very sensitive vagina that twitches every time your hand enters the area of her vagina.
Devin is the ultimate switcher. She twitches a ton every time i even put my hand in her pants!
by Long Lost Lover of You June 19, 2011
A swinger. In Europe a someone who switches is the same as someone who swings.
If someone asks "Do you want to switch?" It means switch partners. Hence they might be a switcher.
by DC350 October 17, 2007
A term used by a young negro to describe someone who has alternating attitude patterns, such as being happy one minute then switching to being angry.
Bus Driver - okay kids lets have a lovely ride home
young negro - shut up bitch
young negro - why you gotta be a old switcher
by oreobaby August 08, 2009
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