The act of driving a curiously small, eco-friendly compact car, such as for commuting or for short trips.
Daniel likes to bebop around town in his micro-compact.
by Shih Tzu Kung Fu May 01, 2008
A noun, used to call someone (Hey BEBOP!) also could mean dude or dudet. Most comely used to go "BEBOPING" which is when you drive around yelling hey BEBOP to random people. BEBOP is the highest form of friend ship! beats BFF!

"Hey, BEBOP!" "Yo BEBOP want to go chill?"
by Nate256 March 31, 2008
Filipino slang for female, derrived from the Tagalog word, "Babae" (ba-ba-eh).
That 350z would look fly with me and mi bebop.
by cyph November 22, 2003
Another word for a remote control
Hand me the bebop
by Seth Norman October 09, 2003
A sexy, clever and funny boy with a large penis and ballsack. Pretty good with drawings too. Get's on people's tits alot.
"Omg oll plz" *teabags HPK*
by sam January 19, 2005

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