An Italian painter, named Carlotti, defined beauty as the summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered.
she has such beauty.
by Sblazer March 27, 2008
It's something almost tangible. But you can't describe it. It's more of a feeling.
When you hear a new song that you really love. You can physically feel something in your chest. Like, you feel like you can't breathe, or you can't think. Beauty is something you can feel, but there's actually nothing there.
by For Vanessa January 29, 2010
A sight that stops the heart. Catches your breath right at that moment. Upon first glance of true 'Beauty', the whole world disappears, all that remains is just you and her. It can be heard in a sound, a laugh. It has a angelic ring to the ears. It can be felt in a touch.
Him - "Man what was it like when you saw her?"
Me - "Dude, my heart skipped a beat when I saw her face to face. Then she laughed, that sound, it took my breath away. Then she hugged me...the whole world disappeared."
Him - "That pretty huh?"
Me - "Sarah is Beauty at its purest form..."
by Her Soldier August 04, 2011
A person who is nice, cool, or otherwise chill in some manner. The person may or may not be good looking.
Person 1: Luongo is such a beauty!

Person 2: Nah, he's overrated.
by supniggas July 26, 2010
Canadian-ese for "nice."
"Hey Jookster, check it out! I brought over a quoort of beeer."

by Jerstyl Kaphibl July 05, 2005
beauty is what every living creature posseses
Even the ugliest thing you can ever see, it holds some beauty inside of it.
by Peter August 29, 2003
Something or someone that is so visually appealing that your mind goes numb and you can't stop looking.
Tori Sander is the definition of beauty.
by spock13 September 02, 2010

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