Absolutely breathtaking, something that is so good looking that you can't keep

your eyes off it. Stands out because it is so stunning and everyone notices it

as soon as it is seen. The epitome of stunning. To put it simple, AMC
Wow, that girl is so AMC dude no joke, notthing is more beautiful than her.
by Perseus Sasuke Henderson August 26, 2009
What a truly caring and kind boyfriend says to his girlfriend. If he says your hot dump him, hes a flake and not worth your time.
Boyfriend:You are the most beautiful person i have ever met.

Girlfriend:I LOVE YOU
by red5dress February 20, 2010
What every girl should be called by ALL men!
Logan: she's ugly
Adam: shut the fuck up and show the girl some respect, all female are beautiful!
by Fuckyouassface! March 23, 2011
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
Beauty comes with-in.

Beauty is not to be measured.
Therefore everyone is beautiful.
Judie K. is beautiful
by iDorkiie September 22, 2010
(1.) everything about her is mesmerizing. Her smile and laugh can stop you dead in your tracks, and her eyes seem to light up the world when they smile. Everything about her redefines perfect. She has to ability to make anyone forget how to breathe. She may cause stomach sickness, headaches, inability to think, weakness of joints/bones- making it hard to stand up straight near her.

(2.) <3 :)
S_ _ _ _ G_ _ _ _ _ _ is the most beautiful girl in the world :)
by dayummm :) June 15, 2010
Alyssa Rose Zang
She's the most beautiful girl on this planet
by Alyssa'sSupermanAdish May 06, 2013
very attractive, funny, awesome, great to be with, a great person in every way shape and form.
wow did you see how beautiful madison was?
yeah man she is beautiful in everyway!
by andyrandy January 01, 2010

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