something amazing, not necessarily pretty, often used for girls and landscapes but can be anything, yea even GUYS. isn't only good-looking but also carries an air/personality that makes you absolutely fall in love.
damn he is so beautiful... he's so shy and sweet just looking in his eyes makes me wanna die

by lovin_beezy October 21, 2008
A person that's kind and caring, someone with good looks, a nice personality, and someone that isn't like the others. When everyone is going right, they're the only person that's going left.
by BlueberryXcookie June 21, 2010
1.Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight.
2.Excellent; wonderful.
3.Delighting the senses or exciting intellectual or emotional admiration
A beautiful child,a beautiful girl
by Albert JC November 14, 2005
Beautiful is when a woman can be herself. A woman who smiles all the time and never cares about what others think. A woman who is dying inside but is strong enough to let go of the pain and create a happy atmosphere for everyone. A woman who is not exactly sexually attractive but her face and personality can make your heart melt. A woman who is talented, smart and so different from every other girl.
Wow she's so different from all the other girls at school... she is so fresh, pure and just beautiful
Everybody. And don't ever think otherwise
EVERYBODY is Beautiful
by Spirit Girl August 23, 2010
Somebody that catches your breath, makes your heart race when you're around them and you cherish every moment you get to spend with them.
My girlfriend, Riley, is the true definition of the word beautiful.
by woolley_mammoth March 10, 2010
A girl with the sweetest smile and gorgeous eyes, long brown hair and the best personality ever - funny and cute.
Livia, you are so beautiful.
by AnoniFofo January 24, 2011

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