To be absolutely stunning, radiant, attractive and eye catching. Usually a woman who turns heads like swivel chairs.
Also see: my girlfriend.
"Have you ever seen a more beautiful girl than Mariah Carey?"

"yeah, my girlfriend."
by Make it rain July 28, 2008
it's not hot or's more than dont have to try to "be" it..people just know you are..its what's on the inside
that girl is beautiful!
by kenz40 May 15, 2007
The only adjective that comes to the mouth when you are faced with a personality with an aura of unnerving selflessness and generosity.

When you look at a person's face and think of their soul.

When you look at a person's eyes and feel their love for you.
When you feel the attractiveness of a person because of their genuineness and other virtues

A word that you use when the person exceeds all limits of prettiness.
My mother is the most beautiful person in the whole wide universe.

I bet you mother is the same way to you.
by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010
When someone is so gorgeous and perfect that you can't help but to stare.
I saw Zoe A. in town today and DAM she is beautiful.
by bruceybearrobertson June 15, 2008
For Lovers Only, A Polish Brothers Film.
For Lovers Only is the most beautiful film. The beautiful For Lovers Only was written by Mark Polish. Starring Mark Polish and Stana Katic. Directed by Michael Polish. Original music by Kubilay Uner.
by NDGCA21 August 13, 2011
You are beautiful

If you look up beautiful in the dictionary, it will come up with You.
by kindheart November 05, 2010
A person that's kind and caring, someone with good looks, a nice personality, and someone that isn't like the others. When everyone is going right, they're the only person that's going left.
by BlueberryXcookie June 21, 2010

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