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Placing a Beatle wig on a sleeping victim so that they look like a member of The Greatest Band of All Time!
Since he was a Beatle Loser anyway, he didn't mind the beatling.
by nenaandphill August 25, 2006
To spend your time chilling out to Beatles music.

Giselle: How was your weekend?
Jacob: Spent the whole time beatling.
Giselle: Awesome, same here!
by Jicib January 10, 2009
Searching for 60's Rock Memorabelia at Swap Shops or Antique Stores.
My wife went antiquing, but I was beatling.
by nenaandphill August 25, 2006
Getting the nat king cole, doing the no pants dance, hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing, getting the Leg over!
He was beatling like a mad man last night, broke the bed!, Who was the girl he was beatling last night?..He's a chief Beatler!
by Boludinho December 11, 2009
Listening to a lot of The Beatles music.
Jack: Watcha doing?
Steve: Beatling.
Jack: Mmmm, sounds relaxing.
by Jicib October 27, 2008
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