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A song that Oasis doesn't like
Woohoo !

Song 2 - Blur
by cytr0n August 02, 2009
A little insect that rocks (beetle+beat -> beatle)
The Beatles will not be reformed as long as John and me would be dead - Mystic Harrison ...
by cytr0n July 08, 2009
Usually used to describe somethin' that "kicks ass", it's also an abrevation referin' to the californian Funk/Rock/Rap band Red Hot Chili Peppers ("Give it Away", "Aeroplane", "Can't Stop" and so many others ...)
"We are the Red Hots and

We're loving up the love-me-nots"

From "Savior", the 12th track from "Californication"
by cytr0n July 08, 2009

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