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the best female dance crew. ever.

they appeared on america's best dance crew season 3 and went to the finals - the first female crew to go that far. however, they lost the crown to quest crew. beat freaks were also the first to do a head spin by a female. it was done by crew member lady jules. shorty also did a head spin in the battle of the sexes challenge.

the crew consists of:
-maryss from paris
-lay jules
-lock n key
-out there
-theresa espinosa
the beat freaks have made history on abdc.
by katreenuh March 10, 2009
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People who wants to live their lifes like beat-writers (Burroughs, Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac). Trying to look, think and act like the rebels who defined a way of life.
Hanne: look, I really don't care about people in the city. All people are just not interested in anything.
Guy: But you say, you like the city and wants to live there
Hanne: yeah: But that's just because I don't care either
Guy: I think, that you're just full crap. you are no more than a beatfreak, that likes to think, that you're a shallow boheme, living the free life in the city.
by Jakob Orbesen April 09, 2008

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