Top Definition
A Mexican girlfriend/boyfriend
I took my beanie baby out to the club last night
by mistahtom May 26, 2006
A chick who has a cheesy name like "Hope" or and likes really sappy life quotes.
Yo dawg, last night this girl was sayin all this cheesy shit to me, but eventually she shut up and I got to slam dat Beanie Baby.
by Hudson River December 02, 2006
A Hispanic baby, usually conceived by illegal immigrants.
The beaner working the field had a beanie baby in her arms
by pfijcali June 02, 2010
a baby mexican.

has nothing to do with ex
dayum that is one ugly-ass beanie baby.
by Sparrowdog February 01, 2006
a girl that does ecstasy alot
jackie is a beanie baby.. she has beans every weekend
by green beans xoxo October 02, 2005
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