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An alchoholic creation. Consists of 2 part peppermint shanpps 2 part lemon bacardi 1 part red bull 2 part gold rum 1 part jones green apple soda. and some green food coloring so it doesn;t look like dhiarrea

Go lighter on the non-alchoholic things. same taste. Fun to chug if you can handle the taste
Yo niggah lets brew us up a Shotgun Murphy a piece and get fucked up!
by Sparrowdog October 11, 2005
When you and some friends get together and hammer back shots one by one til none of you can stand.

going into the childs hospital with shotguns and going on a rampage

a wierdass message in halo2 on the loading screen
Yo man, i just got dumped you up for some shotfun?

We went to the guns store and then to the childrens hospital for some shotfun

shotfun? what the hell is that
by Sparrowdog October 13, 2005
a baby mexican.

has nothing to do with ex
dayum that is one ugly-ass beanie baby.
by Sparrowdog February 01, 2006

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