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An unemployed bum on welfare with no real education who makes extra cash by selling margaritas while naked at the beach. Particularly present at Wreck Beach in Vancouver.
Lowlifes, hobos, losers, scumbags, beach bum
by nattyeli May 28, 2010
Someone who spends way too much time at the beach and usually falls under one of the following categories of people:

1) Homeless
2) A kid on summer break
3) A pervert
4) A drunk
5) Patrick Swayze in Point Break
Look at that pervert beach bum staring at all the girls, what a loser.
A really cool place to get indoor tans in and around New York/New Jersey
Hey guys, even though it's winter, lets go get tan at Beach Bums.
by Jace555 September 02, 2008
n. Someone who is resistant to work
(derived from Australia: where unenergetic people would sit on their buttocks and sunbake all day)
Get off your arse and stop being a beach-bum!!!
by -=[Vi]rus=- February 17, 2005
One who spends all their free time at the beach prefers day drunk, loves the sun, vodka, gatorade,sports , often spends the nights at the beach. Chill person
Look at Beach bumz
by Haysforhorses June 09, 2015
Old men who are hairy and raggety, usually unshaven and smelly.

Take bum showers in the ocean water, while singing the "Bum Shower's" theme song...."Bum shower's: (chorus) cleanin myself in the water; Bum shower's: all day and night! Bum Shower's!!! PASS THE SOAP!!!!!
The beach bum told us a funny story about his thighroid problem.

by Jay the Dra September 17, 2007
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