Bus driver ass. The way a bus driver's ass retains the shape of their seat when not in the bus. Usually a large, unpleasant ass you can rest a six-pack on.
I saw our bus driver at the store. Her BDA was in full effect.
by Zig January 26, 2005
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Balls deep anal

when you put your dick in her ass as far as you can....then go a little farther.
guy: here i go

girl: farther deeper FARTHER!!!

guy: damn girl you like that BDA im as far as i can go

girl: DEEPER!!!!!
by bearcat sharktopus September 29, 2010
Acronym for "BMW Driver Asshole Syndrome"

The BMW is a German car brand popular with drug dealers and hooligans across Europe. Anyone with "something" small and the need to compensate tends to gravitate towards the BMW - the ultimate penis compensator.

As such the tendency to drive like a maniac and king of the road is extremely prevalent amongst BMW owners. Expect them to overtake at 40% the speed limit, cut you up on off ramps and to park on the side walk by a hospital or school as they feel fit.

Many psychiatrists believe that owning a BMW is a reflex action to draw attention to the owner. Having no "physical attributes" to speak of, BMW owners must compensate somehow and 1/2 ton of metal seems to do the trick.
A: "That guy just cut up an ambulance, gave the finger to a bus full of nuns and parked by the no parking sign in front of a school for the blind"
B: "Oh, don't worry about him, he's got BDAS - did you expect otherwise?"
by Filipek February 01, 2009
Acronym: Big Dumb Animal Syndrome.

Used to define mostly football players and other athletes that are physically big and have a very low mental capacity. In many cases are also intellectually retarded.
Billy Bob may be the best football player on the team, but he suffers from a sever case of BDAS.
by S A W September 05, 2008
back door action (anal sex)
Did you see that porno? hella BDA!!!
by P.Nasty April 25, 2011
Acronym for Bus Drivers Ass. The unfortunate condition is caused by many hours behind the wheel of a bus combined with the poor diet of Mc Donalds ingested between runs.
My busdriver has such a B.D.A. he can barely walk down the aisle!
by foofy January 18, 2009
Bounce Dat Ass: When someone says something soooo dumb, retard, or stupid that you have to respond with this. It doesn't actually mean what it reads.
Girl with no ass: My ass is so big!!
Other girl: BDA girl,, that shit aint Big. Lmao
by DominicanChicka March 06, 2011
Bi-polar Display of Affection
B.D.A. ---> One minute they can't keep their hands off of you, and the next minute they just want to be left alone... When you are alone, you are their 'only'...but when you are around other people, you're just lonely. Come here. No, leave me alone. Stay. Oh, forget it. Just go... (And my favorite...) "In a relationship, and it's complicated" Meaning : If you aren't around, I am single...
by AngelBebe August 16, 2010

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