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Mystery Science Theater. When people sit in front of the screen to any movie, the cheesier and more B-grade the better, and make snarky comments.

This can also be done with fanfic by inserting text every so often to point out gross errors in characterization or whatever.
Beavis and Butthead MSTed lots of music videos from their couch.

The Protectors of the Plot Continum MSTed several fics where bad authors had wreaked havoc on canon.
by Oinge April 19, 2005
Big Dumb Alien.
From the television show Smallville on the WB, refering to Clark Kent. He makes a lot of oblivious comments, is oblivious to everything.

This terminology is used on the message board at TWoP.
The BDA will never see how much Lex loves him.
by Oinge April 19, 2005

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