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running a train on someone with tom hanks
me and tom hanks ran a polar express on some girl yesterday, she was litterally star struck.
by p.nasty January 06, 2012
the mexican version of a goblin or gnome, a duende will go into your house and do mischevious things and occasionally steal small infants
dude did you just see that duende just now? i think he took your baby haha
by p.nasty January 12, 2012
a chick with a dick
also known as a "trap" tarp came from misspelling the word trap.

little does the guy in the dark room know that the dick hes grabbing isnt his!
by p.nasty January 12, 2012
back door action (anal sex)
Did you see that porno? hella BDA!!!
by P.Nasty April 25, 2011
a combination of both shit and alright
type shearight in your phone using t9, its there!
by p.nasty January 13, 2012
vaginal deoderant
vicky: hey becky, after a jog ive noticed your always so fresh down there.
becky: its cause i always apply vagoderant, here borrow mine.
vicky: thanks!
Becky: apply back to front
by p.nasty January 11, 2012
receiving oral while your genitals are tucked in and poking out the back.
i didnt want to look at her face so i made her stand behind me and give me a backstage pass.
by P.Nasty April 25, 2011
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