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Acronym for "boron control rod" used in general conversation as an insult similar to "stupid" or "idiot". 1st used in the international community of Brussels Belgium circa 2004.
Jeremy is such a bcr, he doesn't have a clue how to ride a bike.
by Jack Lambert February 19, 2005
Black Cherry Rum. Made by Cruzan.
Yo, tell Abby to swing by the liquor store and grab a bottle of BCR so we can get out drink on.
by MTS73 August 22, 2010
Stands for "Box Car Racer" Tom DeLonge's side project from 2002.
BCR's self-titled album was much more serious than blink-182 at the time
by bcr182 April 18, 2006
Buy it, copy it, refund it, my word of what some people do with software/games from shops, they buy it, go home and copy it, then refund it.
Random Person #1: Dude, i just BCR'ed hitman contracts.

Random Person #2: Thats cool
by XA04 July 01, 2004
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