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When you go to take a dump, and after your first wipe you notice there is nothing on the toilet paper. You are then free to proceed to button your pants back up and go along with your day.

Lucky shits are extremely convenient, quick, and clean, but unfortunately just as rare.
"Dude I need to take a MAD shit, hurry up!"

"Don't worry I'm almost done. I'm having a lucky shit today."

lucky shit
by BeetchNyuckah May 03, 2011
A term related to quantities of marijuana smoked. May apply for college students and maybe high schoolers. Refers to the number of bowls smoked compared to the number of classes (all scheduled or only those attended). If this ratio is above 1 for somebody, then that person is probably a huge stoner.
"I smoked 6 bowls today and went to 3 classes (had 4 but skipped 1 'cause I'm a stoner). That means my Bowl-to-Class Ratio is 2."

"Fucking stoner"

Bowl to Class Ratio (BCR)
by BeetchNyuckah April 12, 2011

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