An acronym for backwards compatibility
A: Will the removal of Xbox Live service to the original Xbox remove BC of Xbox 1 games on the Xbox 360?

B: No, Xbox 1 games will still have BC on the 360.
by Metaphysical Prodigy February 05, 2010
BC this is short for batty Crease. This is shorten so u can put it on the end of texts or emails to ppl who u believe to be a batty crease but dont really want them to know. People will often see it and take no notice that they have been insulted. It is a very effective way of taking to piss out of someone without them knowing.
Text: Safe yeah,
hopefully i will see u soon but i am not sure i have alot going on with my amazing life

x BC
by yanic sonny edwards June 03, 2009
breath control - often found in sexual contact adverts usually written as b/c
Looking for similar into BDSM, cbt, bc and other kinky stuff
by Spike uk January 05, 2007
Burnig Crusade, World of Warcraft's expansion pack. It contains a whole new land (outland), many new instances, creatures, draeneis, blood elves and the brand new flying mount.
d00d1: oh noes, im gonna roll a blood elf lolladin when blizzard releases BC!!!1eleven ^_^
d00d2: o rly? BC deserves one more draenei shammy tbh, OLOLOLOL!!!!1
by Håkon September 05, 2006
Baltimore County
1. Rich private/public school kids
2. Your collar is always popped
3. Flip flops all year round
4. The students have nicer cars than the teachers
5. If you crash your car in a drunk driving accident over the weekend... it doesn't matter because on monday daddy will have bought you a brand new Range Rover
6. A field party on a weekday isn't out of the ordinary
7. Only AFTER watching the OC on Thursday nights does anybody ever do anything.
8. For the girls, tanning is a way of life.
9. You started drinking in middle school and can now out-drink collage students
10. We're better than everybody else... and we know it... don't try to fit in.
That is Sooo B.C.

Where are you from Tommy?
Northern B.C.

it can also be...
Wow you are so Gangster B.C.!
by dfgdrtbxdt June 05, 2005
abbrv. for Bak Chodi.
a very commonly used slang amongst IIIT-ians.
refers to the pointless or seemingly pointless conversations people indulge in.
bc kar raha hun...
meaning- just discussing on random issues.

abey! pc mat pel...
meaning- hey! dont give me baseless,stupid arguments
by grawl April 07, 2005
an abbreviation for birth control
I think my girlfriend is on the bc.
by gordon h March 19, 2005

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