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15 definitions by Håkon

Short for User Interface. Often related to games. Some games have the opportunity to install addons to change the user interface.
WoW-gamer1: zomg what a nice UI on that screenshot!!1one
WoW-gamer2: y, i know ^_^ but mine is teh most 1337!!1
by Håkon September 05, 2006
182 35
An expression used for stupid World of Warcraft hunters - a retarded hunter. The gossip says it came from the thottbot archive where a hunter spammed "HUNTER ITEM" on every single item comment.
Player1: ffs, i got scammed by a huntard!!!!11one :@
Player2: Zomg!1 Curse them plx!
by Håkon September 04, 2006
165 94
Instances are dungeons and special areas in World of Warcraft which many copies can exist at once. An instance allows many groups of players to traverse the same geography and battle the same enemies at the same time, without interfering with each other. Instances are accessible by a swirling portal. They may be blocked by a locked door which requires a key.
Instances were made as a way so solve a set of related problems which had become obvious. Everyone wants to slay the hardest monsters and get the best loot, but having the whole server at the very same spot at the same time would've crashed the server.
In World of Warcraft you can find instances such as Naxx and BWL.
d00d1: LFG any high lvl instance.
d00d2: d00d1, join us! we're going to UBRS ;)
by Håkon September 05, 2006
78 18
Stormwind, one of the capital cities for the alliance on World of Warcraft. It belongs to the humans.
n00b: where teh heck do I find SW d00d???+plus
1337: zomg, low levels dont know shit!!1
by Håkon September 04, 2006
91 43
Used on 95% of all threads on World of Warcraft's realm forum for Grim Batol. When someone says fail, there's always another person quoting him, replying "This man speaks the truth".
Grim Batol realm forum

Forumtroll 1 - Me pwns naxx
Naxx is piece of cake, LoL!!1

Forumtroll 2 - Me pwns naxx

Forumtroll 3 - Me pwns naxx
This man speaks the truth
by Håkon September 05, 2006
40 4
Short for Ahn'Qiraj. A high level raid instance in World of Warcraft. Can be found in southern Silithus. Contains bosses such as Skeram, Sartura, Fankriss, Huhuran, Twin Emperors, C'thun, bug trio, Ouro and Viscidus.
Zomg, that shaman has gathered the whole Stormcaller set. He must have been alot in AQ -.-
by Håkon September 04, 2006
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An apotemnphile person is someone who gets horny by the thought of losing a body part.
Girlfriend: do you want me to blow you?
Apotemnphile boyfriend: no, i want you to cut of my leg!
by Håkon September 07, 2006
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